• Entries must be hunting related or orientated
  • Films must be your own original work or you must have legal right to enter
  • Entries must have a production date during calendar year no more than 2 years prior to submission date
  • Entries must be In High-Definition and High Quality resolution format .
  • Filmmakers can submit multiple entries.
  • Entries must be fair chase and filmed and harvested in accordance with all game laws
  • Round 1: Teaser Trailer must be less than 2 mins in length
  • Round 1: Top 10 of the most voted on Teasers will move on to the film fest contest all votes are generated by likes, shares, and views
  • Film Fest: All films voted into the contest will receive an email “acceptance letter” into the film fest with pertinent information, it is imperative that your contact info be correct to ensure you receive this email, if you do not respond to this email with in 72 hours of its reception the next film will be selected in your plac. Moreover it is important to follow the directions to ensure your film be entered property. Not following directions may result in expulsion from the film fest
  • Film Fest: Full length Feature Film must be submitted by due date listed on your acceptance letter for film fest.
  • Film entries chosen are exclusive films used for the duration of the calendar year


  • 1. Full length films submissions should be approximately 8 -20 minutes in length.
  • 2. 20 second max end credits for cast, crew, sponsors, etc. (Sponsor mentions must be in end credits only).
  • 3. Up to 500 word description of film.
  • 4. If you have copyright material in your film you must be able to provide legal documentation of your license &/or permission to use it.
  • 5. Films with copyright material that do NOT provide this documentation will be disqualified.